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Title: John's Christmas wish
Chapter Title: getting there
Characters: John, James
Genres: romance
Rating: G
Warnings: Slash Fic
Summary: James and John are talking about if they could have just one wish. James is shocked when he hears John's holiday wish. Now he's going to make it come true.
Just a little holiday fluff!

James really shouldn’t feel so guilty but he did. It wasn’t like he'd tricked John into taking the sleeping pills. John hadn’t slept in a few nights and was getting a headache.

“Why don’t you take the pills?” James said rubbing John’s temples.

“But it’s our holiday vacation” John said, hoping his headache wouldn’t turn into something worse.

“Well, if you take the pills and get some sleep then tomorrow, you will feel much better. We've got a bit of holiday shopping to do, and I really don’t wanna go by myself. Not on Christmas Eve!” James said trying not to sound desperate. He needed John to take the pills.

“Fine, but only because I love you,” John said. James almost jumped off the bed and ran into the restroom.

“Here you go” he said holding out the pills and a bottle of water. John looked at James.

“If I didn’t know any better, I would think you here trying to drug me” John said taking the pills, followed by some water.

“No No, I just want you to feel better” James said, now feeling like an ass.

But it would be worth it. He again rubbed John’s temples. It took about an hour for John to fall asleep. James waited a bit longer to be sure he was really sleeping and walked out of the room. He opened the closet and removed the 2 suitcases he’d been hiding from John. He walked out to the car, opened the trunk and placed them inside. He went back inside and got the gifts that he and John had wrapped and placed under the tree. He took them out to the car and placed them in the trunk as well. Again he went back inside and grabbed a blanket and a pillow and placed them in the driver’s seat.

He started the car and turned on the heat so it wouldn’t be cold. He then walked into the kitchen and got out his thermos and filled it with hot coffee. He got a mug and grabbed the bag of snacks he also hidden from John. He again walked out to the car. He put them in the front seat moving it back just the way he wanted. He then walked over to the passenger slide and opened the door. Then he went back inside to the bedroom.

John was snoring softly. James knew he was sound asleep, dead to the world. The sleeping pills did their job perfectly. He lifted John into his arms and carried him outside to the car, where he carefully placed him into the seat and leaned him back. He put the pillow under his head and pulled the blanket up around him. He went back inside, turned off the lights and locked the front door. He climbed in the driver's seat and smiled. John was out cold.

He grinned as he put in a John’s CD and started the long drive to Colorado. James couldn’t believe he’d pulled this off. That he’d planned the whole trip without John knowing anything about it. And now they were on the road and John was passed out. James knew he had a good 8 hours before the pill would wear off and John would wake up. He had planned this down to a tee. He took a sip of the coffee and hummed along with his CD.

James wiped a tear from his eye. He pulled John closer to him.

John opened his eyes and looked up at James

“What’s wrong?” John said in a sleepy voice. He looked at the TV. “Oh my god!” he said seeing '3 Wishes' on the screen.

“What? It’s sad, those kids are going to die and she’s giving them their last wish.” James said turning away from John.

“Oh poor baby” John teased. “Did the TV show make you cry?”

“Leave me alone, I’ve seen you cry at sappy TV shows” James said getting up.

“James don’t go, I'm sorry, I was just teasing you. Honey come here, I’m sorry.” John pleaded. “I was just playing with you.” James stopped and walked back over to the couch. He sat down by John.

“It’s really sad” He said. “What would your wish be?” He said as John curled up next to him.

“You’re my wish” He said laying his head on James’s chest.

“Oh that’s so sweet, besides me, what would your wish be?” James asked.

“You go first” John said reaching over to take James’s hand into his own.

“Ok” James paused. “Besides you...” John smiled and gave James’s hand a squeeze.

“It’s stupid really, but I’ve always thought it would be cool to go deep sea diving and see life under the ocean” James said. “I’d tell my parents that’s what I wanted to do on my birthday every year.” James said. “Ok your turn, What is John’s big wish?”

John looked down at James’s hand.

“I’ve...” He paused. “You know how you see on T.V.” John started to say. He stopped.

“What hon, tell me, I want to know?” James said.

“I’ve always wanted a big family Christmas dinner” John said. “You know where everyone is there, you go and cut down a tree and drink hot cocoa and you all go to bed and wake up first thing, and everyone rushes downstairs and tears in the gifts that Santa brought? And there’s a nice warm fire-it’s cold because of the snow. And then you go outside and make snow angels and snowmen while dinner is being cooked.” John said softly.

“Really?” James said shocked. “What did your parents do for Christmas?”

“Not much. I was an only child and my parents were older. So they just didn’t have the energy for it. The last few years they didn’t even get me a gift, just cash and gift cards.” John said getting sleepy again.

James kissed John’s cheek and pulled him close.

“It’s silly isn’t it?” John said his eyes almost closed.

“No, it’s not silly, not silly at all.”

James parked the car. John was still sound asleep. James hoped the cold air wouldn’t wake him up when he carried inside the cabin he’d rented. He got out and put on his jacket. He looked around and smiled. The snow made it look almost like day time.

“Need any help?” James turned seeing his sister standing in the doorway, rubbing his arm.

“Yeah sure” he said and popped the trunk. She walked down to the car.

“This is great James, I can’t believe you did this for everyone” She said grabbing the suitcases.

“Honestly Jenny? I did it for him” He said looking into the car.

“Well, I don’t care why you did, I’m just going to enjoy it” She said and went inside.

James walked over to John’s side of the car. He opened the door and lifted him up. He went inside as fast as he could not wanting John to wake up. He made his way inside and into their room for the next few nights. He laid John on the bed. John moaned softly and turned onto his side.

“Did you drug him James?” Jenny asked.

“Shh” James said walking out of the room. “Kinda, he got some sleeping pills, and luckily he hadn’t slept in a few nights so he took a few.” James said heading back out to the car. He picked up the gifts, Jenny took half and they went back inside.

“Where’s mine?” She asked.

“You’re looking at it sis” He said, putting the gifts in the corner. He pulled off his jacket and hung it up.

“So, where’s the tree?” She asked.

“We’ll cut it down tomorrow” James said now feeling tired himself. “He’s going to have the best Christmas ever. We’ll do the tree after breakfast and they do the whole Christmas Eve thing. Opening one gift and then Christmas Day." He said smiling.

“Man I wish I was your boyfriend” she said playfully.

“Everyone here?” He asked tiring to hide a yawn.

“Yeah they're all asleep, you know me I can’t sleep knowing my baby brother is out driving in the middle of the night.” She said hugging him.

“Thanks sis, this means so much to me that you all came”

“Like I would say no to a free trip to Colorado.” she said pushing him “Get some sleep. I bet your boyfriend will be awake soon.” James nodded and kissed her on the cheek. He walked into their room, sat on the bed and pulled his shoes off, then slid off his jeans. He got into bed and pulled John close to him.

“It’s cold” John whispered. James pulled the blanket up over them and closed his eyes.

John sat up in bed and looked around. He turned seeing James sound asleep. He got out of bed and walked over to the window. He stopped and slowly pulled the curtain open.

“Oh my god” He almost shouted but put his hand over his mouth.

James walked over to him and pulled him to him, his arm around his shoulder.

“Merry Christmas honey” he said softly.

“I…you…when…what I…I…??” James placed his finger on John’s lip and pulled him in for a kiss.

“Come on I smell something good cooking” He said and pulled John forward by the arm.

“But, I, you, when?” John tried to say.

“My brother and all my sisters are here, with their family and kids” James said.

“You did this all for me?” John said weakly.

James nodded. John couldn't fight the tears.

“No one’s ever done anything like this for me” John said.

“No one’s every loved you like I do” James said gently touching his face.

James wiped John’s tears away.

“I can’t believe you did this” He was looking at James.

“Come on lets go get something to eat, we got a big day ahead” James said and took John’s hand. He led him into the kitchen.

“I was starting to think you two were going to sleep the whole day away” Jackie said as she was cooking breakfast. James licked his lips seeing pancakes, waffles, bacon, eggs, hash browns and sausages.

“Wow, that’s a lot of food!” John said as James lead him to the table.

“We love to eat” Jenny laughed. Her plate was already half empty. John watched as James loaded up 2 plates and sat one in front of him. He then got up and brought 2 cups of coffee.

“Eat up” Jackie said, “Or you’ll hurt my feelings!”

John nodded as James sat down next to him. He looked at James and smiled. John soon cleaned his plate and was told to get seconds. He did, along with another cup of coffee.

“The girls want to know when we’re going to get the tree” Amy asked. She was James’s oldest sister and had been up and ready for hours, she had twin girls and they had all eaten and dressed.

“A tree?” John said.

“Yep so let’s get dressed” James said picking up his and John’s plates. He put them in the dishwasher and walked into their bedroom.

“We are going to chop down a tree?” John said, barely hiding the excitement in his voice.

James nodded and opened the suitcase. He tossed John some clothes and he was dressed before James had his pants on. He smiled as John pulled on his coat.

James couldn’t stop smiling. John was up with the twins trying to find the prefect tree. They’d been walking around for about an hour now and James was starting to get cold. He could tell his sisters were too. Amy had stayed back at the cabin, she hated the cold and wanted to get the hot cocoa and sandwiches ready for when they returned. She also said there where a few things she needed to do for tomorrow.

“This is the one” April said, her sister May nodded. John looked at the tree and he nodded as well.

“It’s about time” Jenny said rubbing her arms.

“Oh now, you whine every year” James said walking up to the tree. He handed John an Axe. “But no one made you come”

“Oh please like I want to stay back and help Amy cook” She said.

“You want me to do it?” John asked not taking the Axe.

“Yeah, it easy, just hit it” James said. John took hold of the Axe. “Hold it like a baseball bat” James said. He was sure John had never done this before. James and Kevin always fought over who got to cut their tree down. But this year Kevin said nothing. James watched as John went to work and after 10 min and a bit of coaching the tree fell to the group. The twins screamed and ran to their daddy, but a cheer went up once they got over the loud noise.

“Ok, Kevin you get to drag it back” James said patting him on the back.

“I don’t think so; your boyfriend cut the tree down.” Kevin said he took the axe from John.

“How do we get it back?” John asked.

James smiled and the 4 men lifted the tree and carried it back.

“Oh man” Mike said sitting down.

“Our daddy is strong” the twins said and ran inside.

“I got everything ready” Amy said walking outside.

James sat next to Mike breathing a bit hard.

“Look at him; he’s not out of breath at all.” Kevin said pointing to John as joining them on the steps. “Next time we pick the tree right next to the house.”

“That’s why I went for a younger man” James said seeing John blush a little. He was so excited he didn’t think he could stand it.

After a short break, they got the tree inside. Everyone took turns picking out something from the boxes that Amy had brought, and placing it on the tree. As they waited for their turn, they sipped on home made cocoa and ate the sandwiches that she had made.

John got to put the tree toper on and plug in the lights. The twins jumped up and ran around the tree shouting Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree. Then he stepped back and looked his first tree. He swallowed hard not wanting to cry in front of James’s family and turned to look at James himself, who walked over to him.

“This is a dream come true” John whispered.

“You’re worth it” James said kissing him. He wrapped his arms around John’s shoulders. He pulled away from the kiss but pulled John closer to him so John could rest his head on his chest. Everyone looked up as the door opened.

“Sorry we’re late, we couldn’t find the place!”

James looked up “Mom, Dad,” He said pulled away from John and walked over to his parents.

“Why… I thought you weren’t going to come?” He said.

“James, it's Christmas” his mom said. “Our whole family is here so why would we miss it?”

The twins ran to their grandparents and kissed them.

James looked at his father. His father eyed the young man he guessed was John.

“Mom, Dad, I’d like you to meet John” James said. James’s mom walked over to him and hugged him.

“Welcome to the family” she said.

“Thanks” John said. Then he looked at James's dad, who held out his hand to John

“Nice to meet you” he said, shaking the man's hand before looking at James. James walked over to him and took his hand.

“James, if this young man makes you happy then, we are happy for you.” his father said. James looked at him then at his mom.

“He does” James said squeezing John's hand. “Let’s start a fire” He said and pulled John to the fireplace.

“So they are ok with us?” John said, watching James place a few logs in the fireplace.

“I guess they changed their minds” James said. He got some newspaper and put it in between the logs and lit them. He took John’s hand again and pulled him over to a couch.

“Should we not...?” John started.

“No, I told them what to except if they came” James said lying down. John curled up next to him. Everyone settled in around the fire. James held John close. He had never seen John so happy. He played with his hair, while listening to his father tell some crazy story from a Christmas long before any of the children were born. Amy and Mike carried the sleeping twins back to their room. Amy returned with another box.

“Stockings” she said pulling them out hanging them over the fireplace. James was sure that John's heart skipped a beat when she pulled one out for him. He held John’s hand as Mike was telling some story about the twins first holiday. Amy had them on Dec 22nd so they couldn’t come home for Christmas that year.

“I’m going to get a drink” James said as John sat up. John nodded before James even asked. James walked into the kitchen and got 2 beers out of the fridge as his mother walked in.

“Why did you change your mind?” James asked.

“You love him, James, I’ve never seen you like this. And for you to do all this just for him. I know he’s here to stay. Your father and I don’t want to loose you. We love you and will learn to love him too.”

James smiled at her. “Thanks mom” he said now, getting what he wanted for Christmas. He hugged her and kissed her cheek, then pulled away and smiled at her again before going back into the living room.

Slowly one by one, James's family went off to bed. He and John were the last ones still awake. James knew that his mom and Amy would be up first to fill the stockings and add 'Santa’s' gifts under the tree.

“You ready for bed, not that I can sleep?” John said sitting up.

“Not yet...see, you said something about snow angels and snowman.” James said standing up.

“Well that’s not what my family does. And I don’t think anyone will want do play in the snow. So...” James pulled John up and led him the back door. Somehow their coats were there waiting. James helped John put his on and then put his own on too.

“I can’t believe you did all this for me” John said as James led him out into the woods. He found a clearing and then looked at John.

“This is your thing” he said. John tossed his arm out and fell over into the snow. He moved his arm just so, trying to make the prefect snow angel. James smiled and did the same as John. John laid still and looked up.

“They stars are so clear here” he said “I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many at one time”

James nodded as if John could see what he was doing. He reached into his pocket and grabbed the small box. He sat up. He laughed as John had moved to a new spot and was making another snow angel.

James waited for John to stand up.

“This is prefect” John said. "Just like… "He stopped.

“John” James was down on one knee, “You are the most wonderful thing that was ever happened to me. I can’t even imagine my life without you in it. You make me who I am. Without you I would be nothing. I don’t ever want to loose you. I want you to be with me for the rest of my life.” He pulled out the ring.

“John will you please marry me?” He said softly he could, while holding back his tears.

John was shaking from head to toe. He had to remind himself to breathe. He could only nod as James placed the ring on his finger. He pulled James up and kissed him. The pulled away from the kiss turning it into a hug. He held James as tight and as close as he could.

“I love you James” John said his voice almost lost in the wind.

“You’re shaking” James said and pulled him away. “Let’s go inside, it’s cold.”

“James wait” John said. "You know before I met you, I thought I was going to be alone forever. I thought there was something wrong with me. That I didn’t know how to love someone and then you came into my life and showed me. You’ve shown me so many things. I wouldn’t be who I am without you. I need you more than you'll ever know..." He paused wiping his eyes. "So yes, yes, I will marry you.” he cried

James smiled. He pulled John close and they walked to the house, hand in hand.

John could hardly remember his first Christmas day. He kept looking down at the ring on his finger. He did remember the look on James's face when he opened his gift and saw a book called “Deep Sea diving for Dummies”. And the deep kiss they'd shared in front of James’s whole family. John only remembered the night before.

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