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Title: Country Star
Chapter Title: chapter 7
Characters: James, John
Genres: AU, drama
Rating: R
Warnings: Slash fic
Summary: James leaves the hospital and learns a bit more about Smith.

James opened his eyes. He touched his fingers to his head and let out a low moan. He sat up and placed his feet on the floor, removing the many wires and tubes attached to him.

"Wait sir, you need to lie down," a nurse said, rushing into the room.

"No thanks, I'm fine." James stood up, feeling something yank on his arm. He looked down at the IV attached to him. "I need to go. Can you take this out?"

"No, only a doctor can remove it." She pushed the call button once.

"That's a lie," James scoffed. 'Most doctors don't even know how to take a temperature." He started to undo the tape holding the IV in place.

"Wait sir, the doctor will be here any minute."

"Either you take it out or I will," James said sharply, pulling at it. "I've had a few of these, so I bet I could get this out." The nurse looked at the door but no one came through it. She walked over and removed the IV from James's arm. "Thank you," he said quietly as he picked up his clothes, moving into the restroom and shutting the door on the nurse.

"What's going on?" Derrick asked as he walked into the room.

"He's awake and in the restroom. He's leaving," the nurse told him nervously.

"What? He had an IV in."

"I know. He was going to remove it himself, so I took it out so he wouldn't hurt himself," she replied. She looked at the doctor as James emerged from the restroom.

"James," Derrick started, "I don't think you should leave. Your blood levels were very low, and I think we should talk about your illness."

"There is nothing to talk about. I got locked in a restroom and my level dropped because I couldn't get anything to eat. I know how to take care of myself."

"What do you think about getting a pump put in place?" Derrick asked him.

"Yeah, no thanks," James replied hastily. "Not a good idea in my line of work," he added.

"What do you do?" Derrick asked, stepping in front of the door to keep James from leaving.

"I'm a hooker," James answered bluntly. "Now, I have to go." He tried to side-step around the doctor, who only moved to block James's exit once again.

Derrick looked at him pleadingly. "Please, can I at least do a test so I can see what your levels are at?"

"No, I need to go." James took another step toward the door, trying to get around the doctor. "I need to get home to my friend. He's probably worried about me. So I have to go."

"James, do you have a safe place to go?" Derrick asked. "I can get someone down here for you to talk to."

"I don't need to talk to one of your head shrinks just because I fuck people for a living. It pays well and I like to have sex, so really, I can't lose. Now will you please move?"

"You are leaving AMA," the doctor warned.

"Fine by me," James snapped as the doctor stepped out of the way.

"James, what are you doing?" Justin was walking up to him, a cup of coffee in his hand.

"I'm fine now, so let's go," James said.

"They said you may have to stay over night."

"I'm fine," James said a bit louder. "So can we go."

"Yeah, I hate these places," Justin agreed, tossing the coffee in the trash as they walked briskly toward the exit.

"I think you should reconsider!" They heard Derrick say from down the hallway. James didn't stop but Justin did. "He's making a big mistake. You should try and talk to him." Justin turned back to James, but James was already out the door.

"Hello sir, I see you're feeling better," Smith greeted James as he slipped into the limo.

"Yeah I'm fine," James replied, moving over to John. He put his hand to John's head, checking his temperature. "God, he's burning up." He unbuttoned John's shirt, trying to cool him down.

"Justin gave him a few things to shut him up, sir. He was trying to tell us about you." Smith glanced at Justin as he entered the limo.

"Let's get the fuck out of this shit hole," Justin demanded. He looked over at James. "Are you sure you should be leaving?"

"I've been living with this for a long time, I know what I'm doing," James assured him as he took John's hand.

"It's your call," Justin said with a shrug. "Let's go home, Smith."

"As you wish, sir." Smith looked at James, who now had a damp towel from the bar and was wiping the sweat off John's forehead.

John opened his eyes. "James," he mouthed, the gush of air over his lips the only noise.

"I'm OK, so you can relax now," James whispered. John closed his eyes and leaned into James. James wrapped his arms around him.

"I have to talk to you," Justin said to James with an edge.

"What's up?" James held John close to him and looked up at Justin.

"I need you to get John to sing at the Nascar race next weekend."

"How am I suppose to do that?" James asked, glaring at him. "Has he sung in front of a crowd like that before?"

"Nope. It will be the first time. But Amy said you can get him to do anything," he stated, already convince that James would do this for him.

"That was a TV show with a few people in the crowd! There will be 100,000 people there." James said.

"Well you don't have a choice. Either you do it or I'll just have to play around with his pills until I find something that will work." Justin flashed an evil smile.

"You are an asshole," James growled lowly.

"I agree," Smith piped up.

"Shut up and drive! And you I'd watch my mouth, I'd hate to fire you."

James licked his lips and looked at John.

"Suck is cock, fuck him in the ass, whatever it takes to get the boy to sing. I'm having the lights set up so he won't be able to see much of anything anyway," Justin said, crossing his arms.

James agreed reluctantly. "Okay, I'll do it."

"You don't have much of a choice, it's what I'm paying you to do." Justin had a smug smile in place. The limo came to a stop just then. "Why in the fuck are we stopping now!?"

"John wanted a movie, I thought I was suppose to stop," said Smith, looking in the rear view mirror at Justin.

"You are a fucking asshole," Justin grumbled. "Fine, go pick something out." He sneered, waving his hand at Smith. Smith smiled and got out of the limo.

"You don't like him much do you?" asked James, lacing his fingers with John's.

"No, I can't stand the asshole," Justin said angrily.

"Why don't you just fire him then?" James asked.

Justin looked at James like he'd grown another head. "I can't fire my dad….what kind of son would I be?"

"Your dad?" James murmured. "My dad would knock me out if I talked to him like that."

"Yeah well, my Dad is weak." Justin didn't appreciate all the questions.

"Why do you call him Smith?"

Justin snapped. "What the fuck do you care!"

"Can't talk to John, he's kinda out of it. So I just thought I'd chat with you." James kept his voice steady and his gaze level.

'Oh, really?' Justin thought. "I'm not paying you to chat with me. You're John's boy toy and that's it, so sit there and shut up," Justin demanded.

Smith got back into the car. "What, you get that stupid gay cowboy movie?" Justin looked pointedly at James, smirking at him.

"No, sir, they were all out. I got John's favorite, 'Titanic,'" replied Smith.

Justin rolled his eyes. "Can we please go home so I can be with normal people," he commanded more harsh than normal.

"As you wish, sir."

James opened his mouth to speak, but Justin cut him off. "I'd keep it shut if I where you."

"I bought John some popcorn as well, sir. I heard you tell him that he could have some," Smith said, pulling the limo up to the house.

"You are killing me, you really are," Justin sighed, jumping out of the limo.

"My watch," James exclaimed, looking around on the seats.

"It's by John, somewhere," Justin said over his shoulder, not faltering his steps. James looked around toward John and found it. He picked it up and slipped it over his wrist, making sure it was secure. He pushed few buttons and it beeped.

"Are you OK?" Smith asked, genuinely concerned.

"Yeah, it's just resetting itself," James assured him.

"Do you need help getting John inside, sir?"

"My name is James." He touched John's face, trying to wake him.

John jumped slightly and squinted his eyes open. "Where are we?" he asked.

"We are home, can you walk?" James asked.

"Hmm.. I wanted to get a movie." John's words came out very slowly and slurred together, making it slightly difficult for James to understand him. John slid forward a bit and fell to the floor.

"I'm going to need help," James called out to Smith. He pulled John forward so he could put his legs out the ground and try to stand. "Oh god," he yelped as he fell to his knees. James and Smith grabbed John's elbows and hefted him up.

"Go easy on me sir, I'm very old," Smith half-joked as John leaned to his side.

"I can't feel my legs, I think I'm flying," mumbled John.

"Yeah well, can we fly a bit faster?" Smith huffed out between breaths. "Lean on your friend, he's much younger than I am." John shifted his weight over to James as they made their way inside. They led him over to the couch and John fell back on it.

"Take him to his room," Justin ordered. "I don't want anyone to see him like that."

"Maybe you shouldn't be giving him so many pills," Smith said harshly.

"Smith, you are done for the day so you can go home," Justin said with mock-sweetness, walking over to John. He grabbed John by his arm and lifted him off the couch.

John cried out in pain. "Goddammit John, walk!" Justin yelled, letting go of John's arm and watching him drop to the ground.

"James get over here and help me!" Justin barked. James walked over to the where John lay crumpled on the floor and helped Justin lift him up.

"My arm hurts," John moaned as he was carried to his room.

"Good," Justin said maliciously, letting him fall once they got him to his room. James bent down next to John to help him up. His eyes followed Justin out of the room.

"Come on John, let's get in bed." James gently guided him over to it.

"Will you sleep with me?" The question came out meekly.

"Yeah, I will."

"The room is spinning," John informed him once he was settled on the bed.

"Just close your eyes and try not to think around it," James suggested, glancing down at his watch. 59. "I need to get a drink. I'll be right back."

"Please come back," John whimpered. It was hard for James to understand him. .

"I will," James promised as he walked out of the room.

"You should stay with him. Justin will be very upset."

"I'm James," he introduced himself, looking at one of the younger girls. He remembered her from earlier.

"Rhonda," she replied. "But I mean it. Justin will get mad."

"I just need some orange juice," James said, pulling a bottle from the fridge.

"I made sandwiches," she offered, pointing to them. James nodded and picked one up.

"Justin won't like you eating in front of him."

"I won't." James picked up another one.

"Oh God, you can't feed him. It's not in the rules." She walked over to James, getting very worried.

"I have my own set of rules," James stated lowly, walking out.

"I got you something to eat," James announced, sitting down next to John.

John reached for the sandwich but ended up only grabbing air. James took his hand and placed the triangle in it.

"Oh this is nice." John moaned with contentment after a few bites. "Can I have another one?" he asked, licking his fingers.

"Yeah, I'll be right back." James got up and fetched few more triangles.

"You are really going to upset Justin, you know," Rhonda warned placing her hands on her hips. "He needs to know everything John eats. He doesn't want him to get fat." She gave James a pointed look.

"Fat!?" James was flabbergasted at this. "The guy is skin and bones. I think I weight more than he does." James said and headed back into the room, shaking his head slightly. He handed John another half of sandwich, then walked over to the TV. "Smith got you a movie too." James turned on TV and held up the box for John to see.

"Titanic?" John asked between bites of food.

James nodded and put it in, walking back to the bed to lay down next to John.

"You jump, I jump," John repeated, smiling. "But she let go, she let his hand go and he went right to the bottom."

"How many times have you seem this movie?" James asked with a smile

"Fifty-one times." John made more sense now. James guessed it was because he had some food in his stomach. "I love this movie," he sighed, laying down. "I never get tired of it."

James nodded and sat next to John, opening the orange juice and taking a drink from the bottle. He wiped his mouth with the hem of his shirt, then cuddled closer to John. John reached over and took James's hand in his, pulling him as close as possible. James ran his fingers through John's hair.

"You like Nascar?" James asked after a moment. He didn't want to do this, but he had no choice.

John looked up at James. "Yeah, I like the 20 car. I hope he wins it all again." He turned back to the movie again.

'Good,' James thought. He was working on a plan to get John to sing at he race. It wasn't going to be easy. James laughed a bit as John repeated the movie word for word. He lifted his head up a little and wedged a pillow under it.

"I feel like Rose," John murmured, laying his head down. James closed his eyes and kissed John's hair.

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