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Before they where Stars??

So I beta'd this my self so i'm sure i missed stuff so please don't hate me!!

“Thank you John for stopping by. That was one of the best we’ve heard all day. Call backs are next week same time and place”

“Thank you so much” John said running his hands thought his hair.

“Don’t be late, now off with you, I have 20 more people to hear”

John turned and walked out of the small room.

“Did you make it” James asked.

“Yeah I did calls backs are next week” John said trying his best to keep calm.


“Well here goes nothing” James said standing up. He walked forward but stopped. “She didn’t wait for me did she” he asked.

“Nope” John said “Follow me”

James nodded and followed John down the hallway.

“Sir you already had you chance”

“I know I’m helping my friend” John said setting back.

“Oh god, I’m so sorry” she said walking up towards James.

“It’s ok” he said. John watched as the two of them disappeared. He walked back into the main room.

“I heard like only 3 people have even gotten a call back” someone said.

“This in crazy, 100 and they only ask 3 to come back next week. I’m not wasting my fucking time!” John watched as an older man walked out of the room. A few others followed him. John leaned on the wall and took in a deep breath.

“So why are you still here?”

“I’m waiting to see if my friend makes it” John said.

“I doubt it, this was a waste of my time” The man said walking off.

John walked forward as James walked into the room.

“So” John said.

James smiled “I got a call back” he said.

“Cool so I’ll be seeing you next week” John said picking up his back.

“Looks that way” James said reaching in his pocket. He pulled a pack of cigarettes out. “I need a smoke bad” he said. John nodded and led him outside. James leaned on the wall and light one. “Want one” he asked.

“Sure” John said taking one. He lite it and took a puff of it.

James let out a long breath and removed his cell phone from his back pack.

“Hey Billy, I’m done and I made it” he said smiling.

“Great, I told you I would” Bill said.

“So when can you come pick me up” James asked.

“Well see something came up”

“What” James said raising his voice.

“I had a gig and I couldn’t turn it down, it pays 1,000 bucks for the weekend. But I had to leave today.” Bill said.

“That’s not funny, come and get me” James said

“Man I’m sorry but get a cab or something, you’ll be fine” Billy said

“Your shiting me” James almost shouted. “Billy…. You can‘t does this, you always…” James stopped and hung up the phone. He put his hand over his face.

“Friend bailed on you” John asked.

“Fucking ass whole, I have no ideal where I am, I don’t know this town, I can’t …Fuck” he said he was starting to shack.

“I know a pretty cheap place to stay” John said.

James took in a deep breath and wiped his face.

“Or you could see if they will let you crash in there lobby for a week” John said.

“I don’t really have much of a choice” James said his voice was very shaky.

“Are you ok” John asked.

“Yeah I just get a bit anxious when I don’t know where I am” he said.

John nodded and walked towards the road. He waved his hand a few times and a taxi stopped. He walked back to James and held out his hand.

“Thanks” he said and took John’s hand. He led him to the taxi and they both got in the back.

“Where to” the driver asked.

“Days Inn on 12th street” John said. He looked over James. He was covered in sweet and shacking. He watched as he covered his face.

“Fucking ass whole” James suddenly shouted making everyone in the cab jump.

“What” John asked?

“God, I’m so fucking stupid.” James went on. “Can I smoke in here” He almost yelled.

“Yeah sure” The driver said.

James lit one and took a few quick puffs. “He was all my money” James said.

“This is you stop” The driver said. John got out a paid the driver. James got out and took a few steps.

John stopped and looked over at James. “What is the best way to ugh….” he stopped unsure of what to ask.

“Just stay about a foot in front of me and I can follow you” James said removing his cane.

John nodded and made his way to the front door of the hotel. They walked into the lobby.

“I already have a room, you can crash with me until you get something worked out” John said.

“No I couldn’t do that” James said.

“It’s up to you, the couch folds out into a bed” John said.

James took one last puff off his cigarette and took in a long breath.

“I don’t know why I trusted him” James said angrily.

“It’ happens, just chill at my place until you get something worked out”

“I just came over here a few days ago, I haven’t gotten anything transfused, all my moneys over there….lets go to the states and get our big break, I’ll help you get everything started” James rambled on.

“England” John asked.

James nodded.

“Well let’s get some dinner and on Monday well get everything figured out” John said.

“It’s Friday night” James said.

“Yeah well if you have a better ideal, I’m all ears” John said.

James closed his eyes.

“You don’t even know me” James finally said.

“Yeah well you play a guitar so you can’t be that bad” John said.

James nodded.

“So what do you like to eat” John asked.

“I’m up for anything” James said.

“I know this good place down the road” John said. “We can walk to it”

James nodded. “I just need to use the restroom” he said wiping his face.

John nodded. “I’ll lead the way” he said.

James followed him into the restroom and he walked into a stall. He opened his bag and pulled out a small bottle. He opened it and removed 2 pills and took them. He finished his business and walked out to the sink He washed his hand and slashed water on his face.

“All set” he said to John.

“Good, I’m starving” he said walking out. James was right behind him. They walked into the small dinner.

“Take a set anywhere John” the hostess said.

“Come here a lot” James asked.

“Yeah well you know good cheap food is hard to find around here” he said picking up the menu.

“Hi John, who’s your friend” she asked setting down 2 waters.

“This is James; I meet him at the try outs today”

“Hi James, I’m Kelly” she said. “Do did you make it”

“Yeah we both did” John said.

“Well congrads, what can I get you”

“I’ll have cheese burger with the works” John said. “And a beer”

“I’ll have the same” James said.

“Come right up” she said.

“Thanks Kelly” John said leaning back in his seat.

James picked up a glass of water and took a long drink.

“Can you smoke in here” he asked.

“Yeah” John said watching him pull out a cigarette and light it.

“Want one” James asked.

“No thanks” John said taking a drink of his water.

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