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Title: Country Star
Chapter Title: chapter 16
Characters: James, John
Genres: AU
Rating: R
Summary: John steps on the stage. The lights are bright and the band is deafing.

James held his hands together in front of his face. “Oh Please God,” he prayed not taking his eyes off John. He bit his pinky and held his breath. “John come on, please,” he whispered wishing the singer could hear him. But the roar of the screaming crowd and the sound of the band was much louder then James. He could feel his body shaking, as he waited.

“John please,” he whispered again.

John took a step forward and stopped. The screams of the fans that he couldn’t see filled his ears. He couldn't imagine how many people there would be, but definitely he didn't expect such a huge loud crowd. When John got used to the noise, he looked to the side and his eyes stopped on James.

“Just look at him,” he said to himself while walking forward. Finally he stopped at the mic stand and placed his hand on it. His eyes never leaving James’s.

“As soon as you pick up the mic the band will start,” Justin had told him. “I don’t care if you just stand there and sing, just do it,”. His words where cold and hateful.

John could feel his whole body shaking. After a while he lifted one of his hands up and wiped his face. Then he took in a deep breath and lifted the mic from the stand.

“Oh thank you,” James sighed in relief lowering his hands from his face. The band started to play causing John jump just a bit. James bit his bottom lip as John started to sing. His eyes were locked on him the whole time he was singing. Although James was the only thing which kept him on the stage, John was perfect. He didn’t miss one single note or a beat. Once the song ended James gestured for John to wave to the fans.

John looked away from him and lifted his hand to block the light. Once the light wasn't shining straight into his eyes he saw the first few rows of fans. They where screaming for him, they wanted more. John held his breath hearing them chant his name over and over.

“What is he doing?” Justin yelled almost running on stage.

John waved his hands and the fans started to scream even louder if it was possible.

“Thank you and enjoy the race,” John said and finally walked towards James.

“Oh my fucking god. He did it!” Justin exclaimed jumping up and down. It looked a bit ridiculous because he was all dressed in an expensive suit.

“They did it,” Amy said smiling. “You know as well as I do he wouldn’t of done it without James being there” she reminded him.

“Yeah I know” Justin said seriously, his previous happiness forgotten. “But it’s a fucking start. I mean next we'll get him on an award show and see if he can do a few songs. Then a benefit concert and after that a fucking tour. Oh god, Amy, this is what we have been working for. This is it. There is no way of stopping him now,” he said walking over to John.

“John I am so proud of you,” Justin grinned patting him on the back. John jumped and took a step back. He was still trembling so much that he couldn't stand any longer. He reached his hand out and fell to his knees. When James saw him he over to him

“Breath John,” he said as the singer was pasting for air. He ran his hand over John’s shoulders a few times pushing down on them as he tried to make John breath slower. Meanwhile Justin looked around.

“You shouldn’t do that here,” he said.

“Do you want him to pass out?” James said angrily, sitting and still moving his hands over John’s back and shoulders.

Justin again looked around. “Come on John, let's head to the suit and get you some chili fries,” he said.

“I did it” John mumbled.

“I know you did,” James smiled as John’s eyes meet his.

James stood up and held his hand up for John. John placed his hand in James’s and then he slowly stood up. James gently placed his hand on John's face and wiped the sweat off.

“Ok that’s enough” Justin said looking around once more. He didn’t see any reporters but they could be anywhere.

“John I’m so proud of you,” Amy said touching his arm.

John smiled at her. “I did it, didn’t I. Who would of thought that?” he wondered placing his hand on his head.

“He needs to eat something,” James interrupted them.

“Well let's get to the fucking sweat,” Justin said. Then he turned away and walked ahead of the group followed by Amy. James walked closer to John and pulled him close.

“John, just think about it,” he said softly placing both hands on John’s face. “You did that all on your own. No drugs, just you and me,” he said kissing him.

“More you than me” John said pulling away. “Lets hurry up,” he added ,“I don’t want to miss the race.”

“Sounds good to me. I was thinking we could watch the first half in the sweat and then head down to pit road” James suggested.

John nodded and walked off the stage.

“Oh wait. I almost forgot” James said. He stopped and opened his bag. He pulled out a pair of sunglasses, a ball cap with the 20 on it and a t-shirt. “You better change into these,” he said. John smiled and took his hat off. Then slide his shirt off and put on the orange one James had for him. Finally he put on also the hat and the glasses. James took out a pair of tennis shoes as well.

“Wow how did you fit all that in the bag?” John said gladly pulling his boots off. He put the new shoes on and James put John’s stuff in the bag.

“I’m good, you know,” James smiled. “I’ve lived out of this bag before.” He hung the bag over his shoulder and took John’s hand.

John took in a deep breath. “ I thought I was going to pass out back there,” he whispered.

“But you didn’t, that's the most important thing,” James assured him as they left the stage.

James pulled the ticket out of his pocket and looked at it. “Sweat 20.”

“Oh see, he’s going to win,” John said smiling. They both followed the signs to the sweat. John looked down as they were walking through the big crowd. He tightened his grip on James’s hand. But no one seemed to notice who he was. They finally came to the door and James showed their tickets to the worker. He opened the door and then walked in.

“I was really impressed,” Smith said. He was sitting at one of the tables in the large room. “I knew you could do it," he smiled at John.

John looked at him and smiled back. “I just...” he started.

“Sir you don’t have to say anything. Seeing you sing was more than enough,” Smith said lifting a bottle of water to his mouth.

“Look at all this food,” John said.

“Dig in,” James said watching as John headed right for the chili cheese fries. He put his hand on the corner and looked around. “Where is Justin?” James asked.

“He and Amy have already left. They had work to do” Smith replied. “So it’s just us now,” he said taking another drink.

“You coming to the pits with us?” John asked.

“No I’m an old man and it’s very hot outside. I like it right here in the AC,” he said as John sat down.

James looked down at this watch. “59” He walked over and looked at all the food. There was a bit of everything.

“I don’t think the 3 of us can eat all this,” James noted getting a plate. He put a few pieces of chicken on it and also mashed potatoes. Then he got a can of coke and sat down with John.

“Oh the race is starting,” John said as they heard the words.

“Gentlemen start you engines!” John stood up and walked over to the window. He pushed it open and the roar of the cars starting filled the sweat.

“Oh my god!” he exclaimed, “That is so loud.”

“Smile,” James said as John turned to him. Seeing the camera he smiled and James took a picture. John stayed at the window and watched as the race drove around the track for a few pace laps. James walked over to him and looked out.

“I can’t wait to go to the pits,” John said never taking his eyes off the track.

“Do you want to go over there now?” James asked taking a few pictures of the cars as they passed in front of him.

“No, I want to eat first and I don’t want Smith to be alone the whole race,” John explained backing up to his seat. He backed into the table and stepped around it. Then he sat down still watching the cars. James took a few more pictures as the 8 car drove by. As his watch beeped and John immediately looked away form the track.

“Don’t worry” James said walking over to the table. He opened the can of pop and drink most of it down. “I’m fine,” he tried to convince John.

“Sir are you blood levels every high?” Smith asked walking over to the food. He filled his plate with shrimp.

“No, I’m always low,” James said taking a bit of chicken. “I don’t think I’ve ever been higher then 120,” he went on as he chewed his food.

“I see your manners having improved much,” Smith said sitting down.

James smiled and took another bit.

“We’ll call someone tomorrow. That was the deal,” John said.

James placed his hand on John’s lap. “That was the deal.” he said “And I won’t break my deal,” Once they reached half way James stood up.

“You sure you don’t want to come?” John said standing up as well.

“No I’m fine right here. You have fun sir,” Smith said.

James picked up his bag.

“If you want to, you can leave John’s cloths and boots with me” Smith added.

“Thanks,” James said unloading them from his bag. He placed the now much lighter bag over his shoulder again and took out the 2 pit pass tickets from it.

“Enjoy yourselves,” Smith yelled after them as they walked out. The walkways where less crowded now since most of the fans were in their seats. John walked very fast. James smiled at his fast pace trying to get to the pits.

“You’re like a little kid on Christmas,” James said trying to keep up with him. Finally they came to the tunnel that would take them under the track. James held out his tickets.

“Sir the bag,” the worker said.

James held it open showing off a few bottles of juice and fruit bars for the man to see.

“Ok, you can follow me now,” he said leading them down the tunnel.

“These seats are hard to get,” he smiled at them.

“Yeah we got lucky,” James said as he walked out the other side. They were led to the pit boxes. “Ok just go up there and have a great time,” the man said and then turned away and left them alone.

“Oh my god!” John exclaimed looking around. He covered his ears with his hands. Someone wearing the 20 uniform handed him and James ear muffs. They both put them on and climb up to there seats.

“I should get some really good shots from up there,” James said pulling out his camera.

“Would you like one of you two together?” someone suddenly asked.

“Yeah that would be great,” John said pulling off his glasses. He put his arm around James and they both smiled.

“That’s a keeper,” the man said handing the camera back. They both sat down and John took a hold of James’s hand. James squeezed it and reached down for his bag. He pulled out a bottle of juice.

“Are you sure you’re ok?” John almost shouted.

“I’m fine. My levels usually drop when I’m in the heat.” James shouted back. They could barely hear each other because of the loud noise the cars made. “Stop worrying and have fun.”

“I can worry about you and still have fun,” John grinned. He stood up as a wreck happened right in front of them. James stood up as well.

“Stupid filler cars,” John said. “They could only have 36 cars out there. That way this shit doesn’t happen,” he exclaimed angrily.

“Wow I didn’t know you like it that much,” James wondered.

“I did but Justin doesn’t really let me watch it on TV.” John replied moving his ear muffs to hear James better..

“Ok here we go, it’s going to get very load down here” someone warned.

John’s eyes widened as the pack of lead cars headed down pit road. James lifted his camera up and starting taking shots of the cars pitted next to them. John held the ear muffs close to his head as the sound of engines revving, tires being changed, track bars going up and down and fuel being bumped in the cars. John jumped up and cheered as the 20 car left the pits first and took the lead. As they got further from him he sat down again and watched the cars drive around the track waiting for the race to return to green.

The rest of the race John cheered for the 20 car and finally he jumped up as his favorite crossed the finish just beating the 8 and the 9 car.

“OH my god!” John shouted. “ He won! Can you believe it?”
James lowered the camera down and smiled.

“John and James, I need you to follow me,” one of the crew member said.

“Can you believe it? We are going to victor lane!” John said as they climbed down from their seats. James could barley keep up with John and the pit crew as they watched the driver of the 20 car climb the fence and get the checkered flag.

“He always does that after a win,” John told James anxiously.

“I wouldn’t want to climb that fence” James said.

“Ok guys. Have fun. I have to get to my driver,” the man said.

John and James made their way through the large crowd. James wasn’t surprised when John took his hand.

“It’s ok,” James said pulling him close.

John nodded. “I’m fine,” he said leaning back on James. They waited for the winner of the race to finish his victory laps and join the waiting group the winner circle.

“Here he comes!” John said tightening his grip on James’s hand. James lifted his camera and started taking pictures of the winner.

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