Ethan (formerfollower) wrote in johnmayerslash,

john's blog entry

hey all i know im new and watever but i love this community (more SLASH, people!), and part of john's "thank you to his fans" entry right after his grammy nominations made me grin (even though he was using his typical humour):

"People, I am going out tonight. Out in ways I never did during the making of the record(s), and in ways I certainly can't when I'm on tour. I don't like partying without a really good reason. That "we're alive!" thing doesn't really work as an excuse. I hope to be alive for a long time - I'm not going to celebrate every night. But tonight is certainly different


I would like to give you a heads up as to what you may read about or see in the coming days.

Please do not become alarmed if I:

--publicly challenge Phil Collins to a fistfight. (This is a family tradition - more on this later)

--break my own expensive camera and then sue myself for every dollar I have

--freestyle rap (most of my rhymes reference all things being "fierce")

--ruminate amongst strangers as to who would win a fight between Jimmy Carter and former Mets catcher Gary Carter

--get busy in a Burger King bathroom

--become separated from my friends and begin partying with a new crowd of gents who seem nice enough, take a ride in their van to a house in Van Nuys, where I will try my hand at gay-for-pay superstardom under the name "Jonny Lobo", filming over 300 features throughout the course of a night, becoming the hottest newcomer on the scene earning 12 AVN nominations and winning seven, before eventually bottoming out with a string of sub-par performances, a brief stint in rehab and then hopping a cab ride home before sun-up. I will tell my friends I was napping in a bush."

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