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Am I aloud to post this? Eh, here you are!

Title: There’s No Fun In Playing Pop-Stars For Pretend...
Prompts: 20...I don’t use pre-lists, I just chose random ones

Fandom: Soft Pop meets Rap, EmSlash, bandslash
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Eminem/John Mayer (my personal OtP)
Other Pairings: mentioned Em/Kim, if the lightings right there’s some Peterick, some weird Pete/John implied because I just love fuckin’ with Eminem

Warnings: Violence, Eminem-OC, slash, angst, fluff
Disclaimer: I definitely don’t own Eminem, and if you know him...don’t tell him I’m an EmSlasher, cause he will hunt me down and kill me. I’ll I’m saying is that John Mayer keeps going out with these hot chicks, but he’s so on Em’s leash like puppy. I don’t pretend to know these people or how they act, this is purely me exercising my poetic-license in the way our For-Fathers intended it to be used...to write slash
Notes: I did prompts about all my other favorite pairings, I might as well do my favorite Rap/Soft-Pop OtP. Let me tell you why they are the OtP, they are the two most unlikeliest slash pairing I’ve EVER heard of, and their hot. As far as I know, they’ve never spoken to one another. If you haven’t noticed from my other fics, I LOVE unlikely pairings. 

First Half: http://creative-emono.livejournal.com/6631.html

Second Half: http://creative-emono.livejournal.com/6631.html

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